Welcome to Erguvan Art & Academy, where we believe…

Art will save the world.

Weekly Meetings

In hours-long online meetings, we come together from different parts of the United States and the world to learn together, resolve issues that arose in our project undertakings, and brainstorm for future ideas.

Projects and Committees

To take advantage of the diverse range of interests and talents of our fellow Erguvan, we have leaders and members who respectively lead and attend projects and committees such as...

Our Manifesto

The International Erguvan Art & Academy, consisting of high school and college students—from all around the globe—have come together chanting the motto “Art will save the world”...

By working together & harnessing the power of art, we can create a more hopeful future for all.

Through our projects, we hope to inspire others to use their own talents and passions to make a positive impact on the world. Art has the power to inspire, to heal, and to connect people from different backgrounds and cultures. By combining our unique perspectives and expertise, we aim to create content that uplifts this message and promotes the importance of art in society.

Our Projects & Committees

Here is a list of the various projects and committees that our amazing team is a part of. Read more about each of them to learn about our goals, the work in progress, and how you can be involved!

Anka Freedom Bikers

Welcome to Anka Freedomer Bikers! Our manifesto revolves around the belief that biking is more than just a pastime; it is a powerful passion that unites bike fanatics from all walks of life. Our primary mission is to inspire and nurture a new generation of riders by spreading awareness…


SomeBuddy for EveryBuddy is an initiative that aims to serve as a companionship program for middle to high school students, who aim to keep in balance their studies, extracurriculars, and social lives while trying to explore and shape parts of their identity…


NOOREVER aims to be a small step towards making us and others aware of the Light of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) that covers the world, to remind us of His beautiful life, to display it through art, to spread it far and beyond, and to make it a guide for how we live our lives…


The Network 8 Collective is an international group of passionate young individuals from all backgrounds. We build our foundations by forming unbreakable team connections, developing ourselves in the different fields of art, and increasing our awareness by learning and discussing world issues…


Utilizing the symbolic aspect of trees, we aim to create a sound installation project that will symbolically amplify our human rights message and spread it to states all over the US and nations across the globe. All ears will hear the innocent cries of the children imprisoned behind the dull gray walls of solitude…


E-TALKS is a platform where artists, academics, scientists, writers, storytellers, musicians, and activists with experience and expertise in the fields of science, culture, and art make presentations on topics of their choice, based on their respective areas of specialization…


Erguvan Juniors is simply a comfort zone for Erguvans between the ages 13-16. Our main goal for this team is to raise new Seniors for the Erguvan community through giving them guidance in their exploration of art, technology, and design; and helping them discover and master their own talents in those fields…

Short Movie Team

While our team prepares for short film festivals and competitions, it continues to work to improve its capabilities in the field of video editing. In addition to their weekly meetings, they continue to work on screenplay, idea generation, and script-writing…

Luzumsuz Isler Atolyesi

Lüzumsuz İşler Atölyesi is a workshop where we meticulously discuss things that may seem "unnecessary" at first glance but, upon closer examination, transform coal into diamonds, just as fire melts sand to make glass. It is a workshop where we polish seemingly insignificant things with our minds…

Other Endeavors

Behind our projects are passionate youth who try to improve the skills that they use to pursue their current interests. Certain daily and weekly activities within Erguvan A & A help keep us sharp and rejuvenated. Read about them below!

Movie Discussions

Check out the movies we’ve analyzed! Click here.

Poetry Nights

We believe that poetry is a beautiful branch of literature & a place one can find the seeds of love, empathy, and unity. On these nights, we read poems from various poets with different cultural backgrounds and ideologies.


The coders of Erguvan joined their forces to create Coderguvans! In this group, we gather weekly to study coding. The main goal of this group is to keep learning new coding languages and/or to practice what we might already know.

Technical Team & Social Media Management

The Technical Team of Erguvan works diligently to make the creative dreams of Erguvan members come to reality! 

When you spot a project with the Erguvan logo, rest assured that we made sure to provide valuable insight and direction in the background!

Book Readings

We come together every day at a predetermined time with the sole purpose of following a piece of text mutually agreed upon by the redbuds. This serves as a reason to come together and grow intellectually!

Writing Commission

We read and discuss incoming articles, everything from the topic discussed to the language used is taken into consideration, forewords/introductory articles are created for new projects, and we strive to improve ourselves on authorship/editing.

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Projects & Committees
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Comments from our


How has your experience as a redbud under the Erguvan Art & Academy been? 

My experience as a redbud under the Erguvan Art & Academy has been wonderful! Although I will admit I am not very active I still enjoy the meetings and the atmosphere of the group. I have never seen a more supportive and welcoming group than Erguvan.

Nesibe Juniors President

I'm not good with words but if it's enough to show my experience, all I have to say is that it was inequivalent to anything else I have experienced. It was Invaluable.

Polat Member

I have found a place where improvement and acceptance coexist. This is the space where art, philosophy, science, and discovery in its whole essence is celebrated, encouraged and strived for. Erguvan gives me the space and community to try new things, improve myself and connect with the people around me.

Esra Member

Being a redbud feels like you will always have someone to talk to when you are feeling down. In the morning, you get to participate in these amazing projects with brilliant people; and at night, you get to study for your finals together.

Dilara Member

It was a great experience for my children, they attended with great excitement and willingness. They even said I wish we could go on the weekend. We look forward to attending this summer school again next year.

S.U. Summer School Mom

My child's summer camp was an absolute blast! From the moment we arrived, the staff welcomed us with the warmest smiles, making us feel like we belonged there. The camp's focus on giving back to the community was so heartwarming, and my son learned the importance of kindness and helping others. The mentors were like superheroes, being such wonderful role models for the kids, encouraging them to shine bright. This camp was pure magic, and I can't recommend it enough to all the fellow parents out there! It's a must for a fantastic and unforgettable summer experience!

D.B. Summer School Mom

We release articles, written by our very own young writers, on a monthly basis at our brand new blog, TRAMVAY. Check out some of the articles below 

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