Upstate New York

Shadow Puppetry

A Recap of the Workshop

In the welcoming halls of the Pittsford Community Center, Erguvan Studio recently hosted a captivating workshop that brought the age-old Turkish tradition of Karagöz and Hacivat shadow puppetry to the Rochester community. On a serene Sunday afternoon, families gathered to creatively explore this cherished cultural art form, enriching the children’s understanding of their heritage during the special month of Ramadan.

The event welcomed ten participants, with children aged 6-10 and their parents engaging in a hands-on experience under the guidance of Zeynep Ozcelik and three enthusiastic volunteers. The workshop was abuzz with excitement as children were introduced to the enchanting figures of Karagöz and Hacivat, crafting their own shadow puppets and breathing life into characters that have been a source of storytelling for centuries.

Memories Crafted from Shadow and Light

Instead of traditional refreshments, families were delighted with thoughtful iftar gift boxes containing dates, Turkish delight, and other sweet treats, symbolizing the studio’s heartfelt gesture for Ramadan. These small boxes of joy were Erguvan Studio’s way of honoring the spirit of the season and sharing the warmth of community.

As the workshop unfolded, participants were encouraged not just to replicate classic narratives but to weave their personal tales through the vibrant personalities of Karagöz and Hacivat. This personalized approach allowed each child to become a storyteller, sharing anecdotes and reflections in a playful, performative manner.

Closing Remarks

The feedback from parents and children alike was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the workshop as a beautiful respite amid the fast-paced month of Ramadan. One parent remarked on the cherished opportunity to slow down and immerse in creativity with their child, while another attendee inquired eagerly about the next event, a clear indication of the workshop’s impact and success.

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Thank you all that participated, and happy Ramadan as we embrace the art that brings us together!

The Workshop in Photos