Las Vegas

Turkish Coffee & Art

2nd Annual Dialogue & Friendship Gathering

Las Vegas, NV – On a pleasant evening in Las Vegas, the 2nd Annual Dialogue & Friendship Gathering, themed “Turkish Coffee & Art,” unfolded as a testament to the power of cultural exchange and communal harmony. Hosted collaboratively by Erguvan Studio and SilverSage Foundation, the event drew over 50 participants from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant tapestry of interaction and creativity.

A Confluence of Coffee and Art

The gathering began with a welcoming speech by Zeynep, highlighting the essence of dialogue and the spirit of unity. The attendees engaged in table talk games, complemented by delightful music and a spread of delicious food, setting a tone of warmth and inclusivity.


Keynote speeches by Pastor Kimber from Boulder City United Methodist Church and Pastor Stephen from University Church added depth to the theme of the event, emphasizing the importance of community and understanding across different cultures and faiths.

The Heart of the Event: Turkish Coffee & Art Workshop

The highlight of the evening was the Turkish Coffee & Art Workshop, expertly guided by Dr. Ali Karatay and Leyla Akgedik. This session was not just about brewing coffee but also about transforming it into a medium for art. Participants learned the intricate process of Turkish coffee making and then channeled their creativity into painting with coffee, an innovative artistic method that captivated everyone present.

Building Bonds over Brews

The “A Cup of Coffee: Forty-Year Friendship” presentation by Mukaddes added a historical and emotional layer, illustrating how something as simple as a cup of coffee can foster long-lasting friendships and bridge cultural disparities.


The event closed with heartfelt reflections and prayers from the community and church members, echoing the sentiments of unity and friendship. It was a remarkable demonstration of how food, art, and conversation can intertwine to create an unforgettable experience of cultural richness and communal understanding.

A Step Forward in Cultural Dialogue

The Turkish Coffee & Art, 2nd Annual Dialogue & Friendship Gathering stood as a beacon of hope and collaboration as attendees left with a sense of connectedness and a renewed appreciation for cultural diversity. It reminded everyone present that in a world rich with diversity, more things unite us than divide us.

The success of this event paves the way for more such gatherings in the future, each aiming to strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding in our increasingly interconnected world.

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The Workshop in Photos