Welcome to Treedome!

Welcome to Treedome, a poignant endeavor that seeks to shed light on the pervasive global injustice faced by innocent children and adults locked within the confines of prisons worldwide. In the face of systemic governmental corruption, these young souls are unjustly incarcerated alongside or separately from their parents and subjected to fabricated accusations and heinous conditions, all while enduring the horrors of concentration camps masquerading as “rehabilitation centers.” Examples from Turkey and China underscore the alarming reality of this trend, where thousands of individuals, including journalists, civil servants, teachers, and human rights defenders, suffer wrongful detentions without compelling evidence of criminal activity.

Treedome draws inspiration from the resilience of trees, symbolizing their unwavering strength to advocate for justice and raise awareness of ongoing atrocities. Through a captivating sound installation, Treedome amplifies the anguished cries of imprisoned children, carrying their message to the global community. Trees, with their ability to endure and stand firm through the test of time, represent the strength and unwavering spirit we aim to instill in our cause. Our unique project strives to resonate far and wide, ensuring that the voices of those unjustly detained find solace in the hearts of people everywhere. Together, we stand as a united front, using the symbolism of trees to nurture hope, demand justice, and call for an end to the suffering of innocent souls trapped behind somber prison walls.

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” – Bruce Garrabrandt