Museum Visits: SF MOMA

16 July, 2023

A Weekend of Artistic Discovery at SF MOMA



During our ArtKidsUp Summer School, weekdays were filled with preparation and teaching for our mentors while our weekends were a canvas waiting to be painted with personal development and artistic growth. One of our memorable weekend journeys led us to the inspiring San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA).


As we explored the halls of SF MOMA, each brushstroke, every intricate detail, and the courage to experiment with art captivated our senses. What made this experience truly extraordinary was the diversity of our group, representing a wide range of educational backgrounds – from mathematics to engineering, computer science to psychology, fine arts to business and marketing, and more.


We delved into discussions about the artists’ intentions behind their works, dissecting the profound messages hidden within. The reactions and interpretations of our fellow members, each offering a unique perspective, added layers of depth to our understanding.


We were fortunate to have artist and professor Ali Karatay among us, whose thought-provoking questions stirred our curiosity even further. His guidance encouraged us to question, reflect, and embrace the transformative power of art. We left our trip with hearts full of inspiration and minds buzzing with creativity.


Here are some snapshots from our unforgettable weekend excursion to SF MOMA. Stay tuned for more adventures in art and culture as we continue to explore the world through the lens of creativity.

Art, art, art...