Welcome to Noorever!

Welcome to NOOREVER – a platform dedicated to illuminating the inspiring character, devoted life, and boundless love for humanity of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). At NOOREVER, we take small but meaningful steps to convey his teachings to the world. Our youth-driven initiative embarks on a variety of projects, including live streams featuring scholars and people who delve into the wisdom of Sunnah and science. We also offer captivating projects like “Jewelry for the Jewels” which designs jewels based on the stories of the female sahaba, heartwarming Islamic holiday videos to foster appreciation for our celebrations in non-Muslim majority countries, soul-stirring poems, and enchanting Noortime Stories.

If you’re young or young at heart and wish to be part of this noble endeavor, there are numerous ways you can contribute. Whether it’s creating content, conducting research, editing, captioning, translation, music, voice-overs, animation, graphic design, or even coding and social media outreach, your passion and talent can shine bright at NOOREVER. Join our journey by filling out the interest form, and together, we will ensure that the light of NOOREVER reaches far and wide, illuminating hearts and minds with the teachings of compassion, love, and wisdom that our Prophet (SAW) bestowed upon us.


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